Happy New Year! So far it has been a busy 2020. Where did January go? We are continuing to see a lot of new construction, remodeling and interior updates on business throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have been researching the trends for 2020. The Pantone color of the year is classic blue. Shades of blue and grey are becoming more popular in kitchens as well as bathroom vanities. We are still seeing designs with white cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms.

Quartz is continuing to grow in popularity. We carry many lines of Quartz and have them on display in our show room. Like natural stone, quartz possesses a rich appearance and a solid, stone-like feeling. Like solid surface, quartz has man-made additives that stabilize the material.

A common question that we get from customers coming to our showroom is “What is the difference in the quality between the brands that you carry.” Our answer is, there really isn’t a difference. All quartz countertops, despite the brand, are derived from the Breton company’s original Bretonstone technology. This technology for developing quartz was created over 50 years ago. The technology and machines are licensed to 52 quartz companies around the world. Despite the brand, several qualities of quartz are the same.

With that in mind the range of designs is the single biggest difference among quartz brands. When we are talking about design we are referencing the slab’s visual appearance: Its overall color. Different companies add their own flair in distinction of shades and degrees of coloring. The size and shape of streaks, veins and striations can be different. There are over a hundred different display pieces in our showroom.

We would love to work with you to help you find the perfect quartz for our project. Visit our website at https://www.psdgranite.com/ for more information.

For more information on quartz visit. https://marble.com/articles/what-is-quartz-made-of

Quartz Currently On Display In Our Showroom