At Premier Stone Design, being environmentally friendly is of utmost importance to us. By utilizing technology, we are able to recycle and reuse all of the water that we go through on a daily basis, nearly 20,000 gallons. For reference, the average swimming pool holds roughly 18,000 gallons. Between cutting, polishing, and fabricating our stone, water plays an important role in the process. When cutting granite (or other stone), the diamond-tipped saw blades get very hot due to the high revolutions per minute that they operate at. By applying a steady water stream directly to the blade, we are able to stabilize the temperature of the saw blade to a safe level, allowing for precise cuts and minimizing dust particles.

We utilize a closed loop drainage system to recycle and reuse this water. After being applied to the saw blade, the water then drains and is filtered, separating the solid particles from the water. The solid particles that are pulled out of the water are placed in a receptacle to be recycled later. The recycled water then flows into a holding tank, where it is eventually pumped out and reused on future projects.

After fabrication (which is when the granite is cut to size and polished), there are smaller pieces of granite leftover, which are known as “remnants.” The larger pieces are able to be used on smaller remnant projects, like vanities and bar tops. The remnant pieces that are damaged or too small to be used are placed in a stone dumpster. The stone dumpster is picked up weekly and taken to a recycling plant, where it is crushed and used as a sub base and base material on road and highway construction projects across the state.

Recycling the materials that we use the most in our business is something we are very proud of, and are happy to share with our customers this Earth Day.

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