Revolutionary Technology

Your kitchen isn’t just where you cook, it’s where you live. That’s why InvisacookTM has created the most revolutionary technology ever to maximize living space by transforming kitchen countertops into a seamless induction surface. Safe to cook and work on, Invisacook achieves a sleek and clutter-free look that’s beyond stylish.

Reclaim Your Countertop Space

Integrating futuristic technology into existing kitchen models, Invisacook is specifically designed to defy conventions and visual expectations while enhancing overall counter range. Whether you’re looking to install it in your home or outdoor kitchen, in an RV, or on a boat, Invisacook eliminates the age-old dilemma between functionality and design. Enjoy the freedom to cook as much as you want in a setting adapted to your everyday needs.


Smart Cooking

How does it work? Invisacook is installed under your countertop where it uses advanced Invisa-induction technology to safely heat through the material and create an effective cooking surface. Intuitive sensors recognize the presence of induction cookware with the added safety of an auto shut-off feature.

Countertop Materials

Choose your countertop from a vast range of high-quality countertops of 12mm Porcelain from brands like Infinity Surfaces, Ascale, Sapienstone, Neolith, Atlas Plan, Florim, Techlam, Panoramic, Xtone, Level, & Geolux to name a few.

Installation & Warranty

Installation will be performed by a certified dealer from where you purchased your unit. This is all done with an easy mounting system and a plugged-in appliance as well, so no electrician is needed on site for the install. Invisacook offers a two-year warranty on unit replacement when proper maintenance as specified in the user manual is used. Please visit to register your warranty. The warranty only covers the unit, not the countertop surface. Three-year warranty extension may be purchased on


For the best results and use of your InvisaCook system, we recommend you use the proper induction cookware. Full-Clad Stainless-Steel or Thick Bottom Stainless-Steel cookware is suggested.

Visit Invisacook’s YouTube Channel to learn more.