Stone Colors


Granite is made up of extremely hard components, such as quartz, feldspar, hornblende, and mica, making it one of the hardest materials found in nature. It is a great choice for countertops because it resists scratching, chipping, and discoloring due to heat, and is available in a wide variety of naturally-occurring colors and patterns. Finishes include polished, honed, leathered, antiqued, flamed, and brushed.

Stock Granite Colors by PSD Tier Level

PSD Select Series Granite Colors – 6 Colors to Choose From

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Quartz is a high-end surface material that is popular for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and showers, window sills, fire places, and more. Because quartz is engineered, almost any color can be incorporated into its surface, and materials such as stone and glass can also be added. While it is not prone to staining or scratching, we suggest using a cutting board to protect its shine and luster.

Stock Quartz Colors by PSD Tier Level

PSD Tier 1-Stock Quartz Colors – 8 Colors to Choose From

PSD Tier 2-Stock Quartz Colors – 10 Colors to Choose From 

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Porcelain is the latest evolution for home and commercial properties. These 12mm thick porcelain slabs are lightweight and suitable for a variety of design projects, including new installations and remodeling projects. Available in many rich colors and organic textures that mimic the beauty of natural stone, Porcelain complement(s) a variety of design and architectural styles.

A Porcelain slab is significantly lighter than natural stone slabs and tile. Porcelain slabs are designed for quick installation over existing surfaces, which reduces the waste typically associated with installation.

Porcelain slabs are nonporous, etch and stain resistant, and heat resistant, making the material suitable for a variety of kitchen and bathroom projects in both commercial and residential properties. Porcelain slabs are suitable and oftentimes superior substitute for natural stone slabs and tile. Whether used to create focal walls, handsome floors, striking backsplashes, or lovely durable countertops, Porcelain slabs provide the seamless look of continuous natural stone. Unlike natural stone, Porcelain slabs require no routine maintenance and because of their large formats are installed with minimal grout lines.

Porcelain slabs work anywhere a stunning surface is desired. This includes interior and exterior projects for both residential and commercial properties, as well as for aircraft, boats, and RVs, etc.


Calcite is the main component of marble, which makes it a fairly soft material. The veining, clouding, and color that give marble its unique qualities are due to impurities such as silica, iron oxide, and graphite. Because it scratches and chips easier than other stone materials, it is typically favored in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, fireplaces, and table tops.


Consisting of talc, chlorite, dolomite, and magnetite, soapstone feels soft to the touch and comes in gentle colors with light veining. Oxidization causes it to change from a light to darker color when cut. Because it is soft, soapstone is prone to scratching.